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Since moving here things have been really interesting. If your new here please take a moment to read through my past blog posts to get an understanding of how I got to this point.

I opened a product sourcing and trading company here in China called Fetch China. You can watch a short video below about how I set it up below.

Office 2

Here I employ sourcing staff and buyers to help importers all over the world find exactly what they need from China. If your searching for how to buy and import from China and need a simple straight forward way of doing so please get in touch via the contact page on this site.

Secondly, I export a lot of Garments and decided to buy a clothing factory here in 2012.

Office 7

I got really tired of the quality standard on offer so decided the best way to ensure my products came off the production line as required was to entirely control the process. We focus on producing high quality clothing mostly for the European market but we also make some none garment goods here like tents and bags.

For my second factory I opened a brand new foam recycling plant and manufacturing facility. We now mostly produce carpet underlay. Check us out at








This was a big project and a real gamble but I took what I learnt from buying the clothing factory and i am optimistic that this project will be very exciting.

Interested in anything I am doing? Please feel free to contact me.

48 thoughts on “My Business

  1. Hey Dan

    Im sat here with a huge smile of admiration on my face to know that people like you exist. You are a real inspiration. Im from the Uk. I always had the fire and drive but never had the support and life then threw a few boomerangs at me! Now a single mum without the negative baggage the fire is reignited and im rearing to build my familys future.

    I need some advice and help if possible. A good supplier of *************************.

    Would love to hear from you

    Katerina 🙂

    • Hi Kat,

      Thanks for the comment, really glad you find my blog useful.

      I removed the item name from your comment as you never know who is reading on here looking for ideas of things to import.

      I think its a good item but will not be the easiest thing to import and sell. If you have a way to move them once there in the UK i think it could do well.

      I know its hard to find the time but try keep pushing for your dreams, like can be a bit dull otherwise.


  2. Hey Dan my name is chris I currently live in New York and I grew up here, I speak fluent mandarins Cantonese &English I’m looking for a opptunity to work and learn about this importing business,Im willing to trvel so please contact me if anyone willing to give me a hand here thank you!!

    Kind regards

    • If you speak mandarin and are willing to travel then the best way yo learn would be to come over to China for a few months and trawl the markets here to get a feel for things. Try and get a few customers lined up before you come so you have some small orders you can send back home to pay your expenses of being here.

      Start slow, keep your eyes open and be prepared to lose some money. You might have some fun too.

  3. Hello,

    I am looking for a supplier for plain t-shirts which are avaliable in all the colours of the rainbow and I want to be able to get the neck tag customized. Is it possible if you could help me with this

    kind regards

    • No problem Dan, we can supply these from 1.30 gbp per unit direct from my factory. Based on and MOQ of 2000 units.

      I can make smaller runs but the price will increase.


  4. hey daniel i am impressed with what you do and have always been interested in importing and reselling via ebay amazon and my own site which ways can you help and what are the charges for your service and lastly do i have to order container full of stock

    • Hi Tahir,

      It seems like a good time now to get into this kind of thing while there is still room in the market.

      We deal with all sizes of orders and still do some less than container load orders if its beneficial to do so for both parties. Some goods only make sense now by container load due to the margins.

      We charge a % depending on the order value ranging from 10 – 6% but our purchasing power usually means this amount is saved in the lower purchase price we are often able to get.


  5. Dear Daniel,

    How are you? I am Azam from Dubai,UAE. I wan’t to start my own business i got the contract with Event Management Company to supply Equipment like P6 LED SCREEN Display,i Check some manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. they give me a average Price but i am concern about the security of my money.I want to know (T.T)Telegraphic Transfers is safe in China,Can i trust this manufacturer? This manufacturer are my Online contacts. Kindly advice and help me to close the deal.

    • Its a good question and one i ask myself every time i make a payment too.

      The bottom line is you have to cover yourself as much as possible, control as many elements of the deal as possible and try to minimise your exposure.

      Im afraid there isn’t an easy answer as trusting people with money isn’t an easy thing to do.

      Multi million dollar deals go wrong just as easy ad 500 dollar deals.

      Be careful

  6. would love to know more about what you do. I want to sell products on amazon but don’t know where to go.

    I look forward to hearing from you Daniel…

    • If your looking for how to import from China into France i have a great line for you.

      Please feel free to drop me an email to discuss.


  7. Hey Daniel,

    I am interested in working with you and finding a product that I can sell here in the US on ebay. I’m ready anytime you are the holiday season is around the corner its time to make some money 🙂 please contact me on MSN or Email.



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