About YMC

Ever feel like you could do something really cool with your life?

I get that feeling and it eats away at me. I decided to do something about it….

Having imported from Asia since my early twenties I always felt like I wasn’t quite getting it right, I just didn’t know why. I knew i was only scratching the surface.

I guess life gets in the way sometimes and you just don’t stop to think what opportunities might be passing you by.

Sometimes all the inspiration we need has been staring us in the face all along and we never realised it.

I have had this written on my office wall for the past 5 years, it kept me focused through the ups and downs I had running my business ventures in the UK but it wasn’t until after the new year this 2012 it really hit home with me:

You know that dream you carry around with you each day?
It’s kinda important.
Wasn’t it what you were put on planet earth to do?
They say everyone has a calling, can you still hear it?
Doesn’t it eat away at you?
That treadmill you are on, did it ever get too much?
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to do your thing?
Did you ever feel time was passing you by?
Just how many days have you left before your last?
Did you ever wonder about stuff like that?
Did you ask yourself ‘what was stopping you?’
There is never a right time.
You will be too old.
Too young.
Too something or other.
When was last time you took a risk?
Did you remember how alive it made you feel?
There are no guarantees of success.
It’s not called a leap of faith for nothing.
It’s not too late, honest.
You might fall.
You might fly.

In February 2012 I decided to jump, I left the UK for central China in search of Happiness, Self-Fulfilment and the Lifestyle i wanted. Will I Fly? Read on and follow me on this ride of a lifetime……..

44 thoughts on “About YMC

  1. Great info young money.. I was wondering how did you get your clients? Was it through cold calling? Did you focus on a specific niche? Thanks!

  2. Hey, Dan thought i had already responded to this.

    Apologies back in uk now, but for some reason i had difficulties accessing this page.

    All done and what a trip, loved china. Learnt a hell of alot and got some great products.
    Food was amazing, and the aittude is so positive, totally can do attitude. They will meet you any time any place for business.
    Not withstanding this still had some who let us down but as i have said i really learnt alot about doing business in china and also about the culture.

    I am coming back to the Canton fair. Will def arrange to meet up.

    • Hey Jason,

      Yes sites like this are blocked in China so you wont have been able to see it. Same for facebook youtube etc.

      Glad you enjoyed the trip, an eye opening place indeed.

      Just make sure that can do attitude continues all the way through to order delivery and your laughing.

      See you next time.

  3. Hey Dan, sorry havent been able to email you as email is blocked by chinese!
    Trust you are well, I am here and having a bit of a busy time as such havent had a chance to contact you as trying to fit everything in!
    Truly amazing place and like you said, should of come out here earlier
    I will keep in contact, how far are you from Tianhe.

    Not many places to get wifi easily apart from when i am in meetings.
    Skype address is jayharris1

    Best regards

  4. This is GREAT! I Will be following your journey, I’m 21 Years old and I think to myself everyday some of the things you said above. Ive been purchasing things from china for 3 years now feel free to contact me on MSN so we can speak and maybe do some business Thanks!

  5. Hey, Best of luck with your venture. Came across your site as looking to import goods for construction. Just sorting invite and visa out, and hope to be out for a vist end of july

  6. Young Moneyyyy, I found it very useful and interesting to read yo whole business story but I will appreciate that if you tell me more about import men and women winter clothes from china to Russia?
    by the I have met some people from Russia they are very interested.
    thanks for your time,,,
    Fara from UK

  7. Loving the blog man, wish we all had the guts to do something like this. But at least we can live vicariously through you and your blog

    • Thanks for the comment, I guess inside we all have the guts to do something like this but it often take a a little extra push to make you take the jump. It took 8 years for that push to come for me but im sure glad it happened.

      Keep reading the blog, maybe something you read might push you too?

  8. Good luck man! Just found this through TWF I’m deffo going to keep checking back!
    I’m 22 from Sheffield and chasing that dream trying to find the right thing, on a lot smaller scale then you though lol
    If you dont mind helping a guy out I’m after some products from China.

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks, i wish you luck on your journey too. I hope we both get where we want to be.

      I would love to help you out and do some business, please get in touch with me through the contact me page. Once you take that first step you might just be surprised how far you can go.


  9. Sick guy, absolutely mental adventure. True entrpreneurial flare !! Too inspiring, wana join you but i need to learn to walk before I run. Next level!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Hassan, It has been my life long dream to be called a sick guy, now i have acchieved that milestone i know anything is possible!

      Thank you though i appreciate your kind words, feel free to join me anytime.

      Until then please keep following my adventure and look after yourself.



  10. Great article, I have setup multiple businesses as well and I am working on getting to the same place as you. My endeavors have been mainly internet based. Your journey is inspiring, best of luck and I will check back on how the trip is going. Brett

  11. This blog is amazing man.. When im old enough, i would love to go to China one day maaannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep uploadin, im lovin it!!!!!!

    • Thanks Peter,

      When i was younger i wanted to be “an explorer when i grow up” so i guess i have wound up combining that with my love for business.

      Very happy and fortunate to be in this position.

      Thank you for your kind words, gives me added faith in what im doing.


  12. Hey!

    Really like the blog. Would love to ask you a couple of questions if you could drop me an email 🙂



    • Hi will, thank you for the message.

      Just got back from a beautiful 10 mile run along pearl river, calm air, 23 degrees C at 11pm, friendly people saying hello as you jog past. What a cool place, really a pleasure to live in this area of Guangzhou.

      Im happy to discuss things with you via email, please contact me on danielATyoungmoneychina.com


  13. Loving your blog man! Just read and looked at all the new photo’s and hanging onto your every word! It looks amazing. Look forward to more updates, photo’s and more of your story! Don’t keep us waiting to long :P.

  14. Hi elena,

    Yes it’s certainly another planet but by no means a bad one, I’m really enjoying myself here and I think the potential for business is pretty exciting.

    I will take your message on board and will write a post about life in china after I have been here a few more weeks so I can give a better opinion on real life and business here.

    Take care.


  15. Wow!
    You said “China is another planet”, can you please share more information about leaving in China (Guangzhou especially :)) What impressed you much, what you are missing there etc.

  16. Hi there,

    Just read all of your story so far, so inspiring o go to china.

    I would love to have a chat through email, and also would like to do business together.

    You have lots of good ideas.

    Send me an email if your interested.

    Kin regards
    Sam greaves

    • Hi Sam,

      I appreciate you saying so and I’m glad your enjoying my story so far.

      Please go right ahead and email me on danATcassico.com and let’s have a chat and maybe do some business, all the best.


  17. Interesting Blog and some cracking ideas – already looking forward to your next update. Keep it up and I would love the opportunity to work with you at some point.

    • Thanks for dropping by and glad your enjoying my journey. I just left a laptop factory and that was a real eye opener – there producing over 2000 units per day. You cant get your head round it until you see it. Would be happy to work with you on a project in the future. Take care.

    • Thanks Jacob, I guess there are going to be some crazy and interesting stories to come, if I can help you out with any products from china to try out on your own eBay empire then I’m happy to be of assistance, take it easy.

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