daniel cassidy chinaSo in an effort to have a slightly more serious sounding business name when answering the phone we have changed the name of our sourcing company to Fetch China. This has timed well with moving into our new central business district office location and the opening of our second factory here (more on that later)

We have a new logo, new website and a new order management software system with the aim of providing a really simple way for people to buy from China and hopefully teaching them how to import successfully.

fetch china site home page

As you can see from the layout it’s very simple, that’s the idea. It’s the front end for our custom coded online order management software allowing you to talk directly with our staff here about your order while we search hundreds of factories on your behalf. The basic idea is that you get 2 of our staff here essentially working for you in China helping you source products, negotiate prices and ship the items to your door using our factory contacts and group buying power. If you have been scratching your head a bit and searching for how to import from China without all the headaches then this may be what you have been looking for. Why not head to to familiarise yourself with it?

There is also a video section where at the moment you can see a little introduction video to FetchChina. I plan to add some how to videos here that may be helpful to those of you looking to import and make money from china.

As you can see this new office is a little bigger than our last mainly because our team here has grown from  3 to 23 in the 18 months I have been operating from here. This time has seen some huge growing pains mainly due to the fact I have been extremely busy both on my own projects and helping other people with theirs.

fetch china office 4

fetch china office

Fetch China office 2

I remember when I first came here I visited some friends offices where they had 30 staff all sat there doing single tasks each and I didn’t get it. Well now I do, it seems the staff here work a lot better when responsible for one task so you end up needing a lot more staff to form something of a working unit rather than a small team of multitasking individuals. Everyone in our team plays an important role in ensuring that we can get what we need done here as efficiently as possible.

As usual I picked up some great deals on the kit for the office, I have a couple of great furniture factories we use and would love to set up a furniture drop ship company in the UK at some point in the future, I think something like that could be great?

With the Fetch site now being home for our sourcing business this youngmoneychina site will go back to a “how to” blog providing free help, tips and advice for people looking for how to import from China and hopefully help them make money from China in the long run. I really enjoy writing these blogs, I hope I can find time to write more.


The clothing factory has been doing well and I just set up this little “photo studio” set up to take photos of our range and compile them onto a new website which will be done in a few weeks. I bought the domain name because it’s pretty keyword rich, I will likely come up with a more catchy name that points to it as well.

Fetch China office 3

Office 7

Along with producing garments for third parties we have been producing our own and have a couple of brand names that we have enjoyed creating ranges for.

We have a great team of eBay and amazon resellers now along with some larger buyers who have really helped grease the wheels on this project. We have also more recently been producing none garment products in our clothing factory which has opened up some new and exciting doors. We are always looking for new people to work with so if you are interested in making money from China but don’t know how, just drop me a line.

There is a lot of hype on the internet about garment production moving out of China due to rising labour costs. While this may be seen as an issue for some places I can’t see how it will affect us.  A lot of fabrics are much cheaper and easier to buy here than elsewhere in the world and I feel that only some garments would be cheaper to produce elsewhere. The skilled labour here is actually very good, any complex garments will likely be cheaper to produce here. The infrastructure here coupled with the vast availability of materials and accessories means that the whole process just runs much more smoothly. Teamed with the fact that we don’t have any slack in our chain from factory to sale means we really have fewer mouths to feed. I think if we were supplying H&M with plain white cotton t-shirts then we may have a very tight margin to compete with and need to look at Bangladesh to save that 0.03 usd per unit but were just not in that position.

I guess the keen eyed of you already know we have been putting together our second factory here now for the past 5 months. A really big project that has taken up pretty much all of my time and just about every other resource imaginable. Buying the clothing factory last year, though only a small project, gave me the confidence to take on a much bigger task like this and the mistakes I made there have taught me the important lessons not to make them again this time round. The factory is now complete and open for business. How has it gone? Well I will write up a full report on it shortly. For now here is the empty 16,000 square feet factory unit we moved into a few months ago and is now home to our brand new state of the art foam recycling plant and manufacturing facility. Anyway I won’t talk about it now or I won’t have anything to say in the next blog post.



That’s all for this post, I better get back to work. Hope you guys have had a successful few months, and here’s hoping we all continue to move forwards.

I also made a facebook page a couple of days ago that i will try to keep updated every few days so you can keep up to date with what im doing, if your bored?


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  1. Hi, very interesting site! Thank you for the informations.

    I am importing a 20ft container into the usa.

    The problem I am facing is that I cannot find a logistics provider who will bring the container from port (Chicago) to the Warehouse.

    Whom would you ask to do that?

    Thank you in advance,


    • Your shipping agent can help with this, Its about the easiest part of the journey and can be fixed just by calling them.

      Hope it all arrives ok.


  2. YoungMoneyChina – “As usual I picked up some great deals on the kit for the office, I have a couple of great furniture factories we use and would love to set up a furniture drop ship company in the UK at some point in the future, I think something like that could be great?”

    I’m confused. Why can’t you create a website in China and drop ship from China to the U.K. ????? Are people in the U.K. not able to access a website that is hosted in China?

    • You could do that but you have to think of the shipping.

      realistically shipping single items of furniture from here to the uk is not going to be cheap, you will always be selling at a loss.

      That leaves you with smaller items to drop ship but that market is so heavily saturated that the margins would be a waste of time.

      If you have any other ideas I’m open to discuss them though.


    • Hi,

      We mostly make ladies dresses, sportswear and workwear. We do a lot of custom OEM clothing orders too but don’t do denim or leather goods.


  3. Hi Daniel, absolutely great blog & website. I have sent you an email. Hope all is well in China for you 🙂

    Best wishes

  4. Dan – – my son Alex just introduced me to you site as an example of directed ambition. Impressive to say the least. I will continue to follow your journey and all the while will hold tight because you are moving fast!

  5. Looks like things are still going well for you Daniel. I look forward to reading about your new factory. And im liking the new name, and the videos. The music fits great.

    • Thanks Liam,

      Glad you like the new name, took a long time to decide on it.

      Ill try get the new factory post up soon.


  6. Hey Daniel,

    This looks amazing! Quite a cool idea, and it have worked out really well for you! I enjoyed the pictures and what you had to say. Keep going!

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks very much for saying so please keep dropping by from time to time to follow my journey.


  7. Congrats Dan on the new manufacturing line – it looks IMPRESSIVE!!! 🙂

    I like the new name too, even though it kinda reminds me of one of your competitors, lol, but the name is great!

    Good Luck with taking this to the next level and I’m looking forward working with you in very near future.


    • Thanks Andrew,

      Yeah i have to say it, the new factory really is something. Cant quite believe it when i walk in there sometimes.

      I swear i already had orange chairs in the office and the new sites colour scheme just went from there.

      Good luck on your new e-course, sounds exciting.


  8. Nice to see you are doing well.
    I am interested in investing my funds into manufacturing.
    What could be possible with 50.000 Eur (towards machinery only, additional funds for space, employees and so on)? I mean if you had 50.000 Eur that you could spend on machinery, whats would be your first few options/thoughts?

    • Thanks for the message,

      Unsurprisingly I already know what i want my next manufacturing facility to be, i have a bit of a plan for the next 5 years. I actually went to look at a machine last week that will reduce my manufacturing costs on one material by 60%. This is a material I spend about 30k gbp a month on so its a big saving but its also a big outlay so i will have to shop around a bit more first.

      If your interested in talking further about manufacturing in China please feel free to drop me an email.


      • I’m new to the business world but it sounds like if the machine you mention will drop costs by 60% it would even be worth taking out a loan for (once you have re-invested available funds obviously)

        • Your right, it will really help my margins and ill be buying it in the next couple of weeks once i have negotiated the price down to where i want it to be.

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