This is china

“This is china” – a phrase used by western people living here. It means “This is pretty crazy right but hey don’t be suprised, your in china after all”. That just about sums up this place, culture shock doesn’t even cut it. I have been all over the world but this feels like another planet.

I landed in Hong Kong on friday and it’s been a mad rush and emotional roller coaster for the past 3 days. Losing my iPhone didn’t help, if you know me personally then please email your contact details to me on dan @

I had to fly into HK for my visa which i had to wait overnight for. I have then travelled to Guangzhou which is my first port of call to start visiting factories on Monday. Pretty tired but can’t wait to start putting all this planning into action.

I have Just been for a meal with a friend of mine who lives here and met my guide/translator. Sorry for the lack of updates for the past 3 days but interestingly blogging, facebook and things like youtube are all banned in China so i had to sign up to an off shore server in order to log in – this is china! Here’s a few snaps from the last few days, afraid since I lost my iPhone all the good ones are gone.



From what I can see people here are either pretty poor or super rich, it’s a funny set up and you can see the social effect this has. There is a lot of fake stuff here, as you might expect, but I didn’t expect this level of blatant copies. I went to a roof top party on Friday night and there was a fake Rolls Royce phantom parked outside. Outside my hotel, a casual fake range rover sport. I just went to buy a new iphone from a legit looking apple dealer until my translator told me it was a copy. You could never tell, makes you wonder….


Living costs wise you can live for real cheap, but you can also spend big bucks. Apparently the average wage here is about £120 a month but my hotel was £160 on the first night so I guess I need to slip out of “Tourist” mode. A bottle of water is A few pence but in starbucks one will run you £2.60.

So tomorrow we start hunting down goods, very excited indeed.



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  1. Dan what visa did you apply for and did you need to apply for it here in the UK first, are you able to stay for a while on a tourist visa if that is what you arrived on and how much is the visa?

  2. Hello Daniel,
    How long did it take you to get your Chinese visa from hong kong? You said overnight , was that because you arrived at night?

  3. Hello

    Forgot your real name but I originally came across you on ukbusinessforums.

    I have been in China three years and it really is a different place to any other.

    Are you staying here for good then?

    If you are interested in shoes, I am in Chengdu, the biggest shoe-producing city in the world.

    I’m actually returning to the UK beginning of May, but hope you continue with your success.

    It’s good to know you have a good interpreter, but still, be careful mate!

    • Hi Carl,

      Three years is quite a stint here, what have you been doing yourself?

      I think I will be here for quite a while to come, all being well.

      Yes you certainly have to keep on your toes here.

      All the best and I hope your making the right decision going back to the uk.

  4. Well that was weird ! I ask you when the next post is coming and then it appears !!

    Right, I need one 40 ft container full with sugar cane and one machine ! lol !
    I would love to get a bottle of that stuff and try it seeing as you said its your favourite !

    • Hi Paul,

      He is actually making my all time favourite drink, sugar cane juice. The bamboo is actually sugar canes. 10p a bottle no less!

      Will it ever make it into our local Asda stores? Gap in the market maybe? Ha ha

      • Looks bizare the machine used to make it ! Gap maybe !

        I know you must be busy but when are we getting the next installment ?? Im getting withdrawal syptoms !

        • Hey Paul if you want me to send a container load of them back then I’m pretty sure you will be the only guy going for that gap in the market. Ha ha.

          I just put up a new blog actually, I have been in Hong Kong for 5 days so been very busy, hope your keeping well.


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