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Is this the best thing to import from china?

@johnbonilla Yeah Crazy, My blog had just under 20,000 new hits today.

@EwoutLK we make yoga leggings now and have our own sports wear brand, have a look at Thanks

The truth behind China’s Underground Wholesale Markets.

Add me on Instagram username youngmoneychina. I have about 3 followers so would be nice to see some friendly faces.

@waddupmyhomes @TommyGunTomo the usual imports that apply to growing economies but also a great place to consider local manufacturing too.

To say the #currency in #Cambodia is weak is an understatement. This is 1 usd in local #money. #import #export

@EugeneHennie hi Eugene, were in Cambodia at the moment so pretty difficult to skype. Will let you know when I'm back in china.

Sunday inspiration from KL golf and country club. A reminder that hard work has great rewards. #entrepreneur

Pretty nice here in down town Kuala Lumpur. Lots of opportunities in Malaysia for those of you looking.

@ModesVu sure, my email address is Thanks