Another one bites the dust.

So I am now onto my third iPhone since being in china. Thank god this time I backed up all my contacts and information from that phone onto my iPad via iCloud. A really useful and life saving piece of software that remotely syncs all data on your apple devices backing them all up whenever you are connected to a WiFi network.

I lost this one after making a phone call and getting out of a taxi I left the phone on the seat, I realised this but the taxi driver nicely drove off and despite chasing him down he decided he would rather keep my phone. Thanks to the locate my iPhone app I know where he lives, shame the apartment block is 20 floors tall and I didn’t fancy knocking on all the doors.

So I’m on another iPhone now and have managed to keep the same number. To try make myself feel like I had somehow moved forwards and not just got another phone the same I decided to trick it out a little with this gold internal chassis and bump bar. I bought it as a “sample” and thus managed to persuade the supplier to fit it for me also.

Looks pretty cool, is there a market for these in the UK? Maybe retrofit them onto new phones before sale? I know Harrods use to do them for £1500 a few years ago. For those of you interested, like pretty much all brand name goods her in China, iPhones are more expensive so before you even ask…..

While I’m talking about iPhones I might as well write a short bit about the fake iPhones here, interestingly enough the phone supplier I use also sells fake iPhones and while I was there getting this new iPhone for myself I met 2 Russian guys who export phones to Russia. They were buying a pretty strange array of phones like the phones that are in the shape of a toy cars and a remote car alarm fob. Amongst this they were also buying a lot of fake iPhones. As you may have seen earlier in my blog we bought a fake iPhone 4 to have a look at and a play with just for fun, there is a side by side comparison photo of them earlier in my blog and they are exactly the same aesthetically. Here is another photo of a genuinely fake iPhone 4.

The software is slightly different but the main issue is that you cannot connect to iTunes. Interestingly the fake iPhone 4 has managed to shave off 10 grams in weight. They cost about £20 here if you are buying in the thousands like these guys and come boxed exactly as you would expect if they were real. I asked if they sell them as real or fake and they said they wholesale them as real because not many people use iTunes so they don’t really know the difference. I’m not in the market of selling counterfeit goods but it makes for interesting conversation.

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