Weird and wonderful china

Well, been here a week now and got a lot done. Visited trade areas and factories, moved into a sick apartment, worked hard and partied hard but most important of all seen some cool stuff and met some cool people, every week I will throw up a few photos of weird and wonderful china. Enjoy.


The view from our apartment 30 floors up.


A standard issue fake BMW x5. These are about £10000 new here compared to a real one which is about £90000 due to crazy Chinese tax.


Hi tec low tec. This dude tests every single DVD head unit that is produced in this factory on this rather world war 1 looking kit.


Jim just chilling at the Lamborghini dealer in Hong Kong, we just called by to drop our deposits off. …… Well not quite yet….


Caged up taxi driver, turns out this boy is mad scared of Bruce Lee getting in his cab.


My man Mark, a kebab and his wife Joey who is also our interpreter. Cool couple of people.


Sick Toyota jeep but to be fair it’s probably a fake iPhone or something.


The ghetto wing chun Kung Fu gym that our buddy Joe took us too, no idea what’s going on but it’s apparently pretty bad ass so were signing up.


Little dude on a bicycle carrying his house/backpack delivering McDonalds to our apartment at 4 am. Only in china!


Outside our apartment block yo.

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