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Before i came here i did a lot of research into past sales volumes of certain products on sites such as ebay and amazon. These however are not going to be my only sales outlets as due the volatile nature of these sites doing so would be ecommerce suicide – never put all your eggs in one basket.

The reason i use these sites to evaluate products and niches is that they offer a quick way of seeing what is a hot product, whats the cheapest price and how many have sold in the last 30 days. If i then find a competitor who’s doing well i can look into there company further and get a whole bunch of useful information – no sense re inventing the wheel right? I will tell you guys how to get this information at a later date.

I obviously cant share some of the better niche products i intend to be working with or discuss pricing i have negotiated them for but here are some of the less off the wall products i will be bringing back that i have seen so far along with some background info on why i chose them. I apologise for ropey photos but most of them have been taken in board rooms with my iPhone.

Tablet computers – I have been using an iPad for a long time now and know what a great tool it is, people always want one but at £500 there a little out of reach for the casual consumer. sure you can get exact replica ipads here but im not going down that road for obvious reasons. I have been talking with a factory who is happy to alter specifications and casings of there tablets to bring them more in line with higher end models. Im proposing a 5 point touch screen with 8gb, the latest android software along with a 1 year warranty. I will be looking at retailing these for around £135 which for there spec will be by far the cheapest on the Market. I will also be bringing in a 10″ notebook from this factory along with a 13″ laptop.



Fixed gear bicycles – I have a lot of background importing bikes from overseas and know that a good niche in the cycle trade can turn a buck. Fixed gear bikes are the new cool and trendy urban city commuters are willing to spend pretty strong money for the right look. These bikes can run upwards of £2000 but I’m looking at higher volume sales on the bottom end of the Market. I came across this cool little fixie in a local store and managed to persuade the staff to tell me the factory it is made in. I hope to be able to move these at a retail price of around £220 and will also be looking to supply them directly to the bike trade so If you own a bike shop and like the look of this whip then please drop me a line.


GPS, CD and DVD head units – I have been lucky enough to have a couple of really nice new cars and know that the little extras can really bump up the end cost of a vehicle. A factory all in one GPS and entertainment system can often run well into the thousands. I saw a guy in the US selling aftermarket head units at low prices in large quantities and figured he must be getting them from china. A little research later and for sure he was. I know specific models that are good sellers such as the VW golf so this is what i hunted down. I am hoping to retail this unit at around £300 which brings it well below the main dealers price of £850.


Commercial grade safes – A lot of the time when I have bought out a bankrupt company they have a safe, never any money in it but I guess that’s why they closed shop. These safes are pretty expensive new at around £5-600 for this size, they sell used for about £250. At times like these people are always looking to reduce expenditure for there business. I knew that if I could find a new safe for used safe money then they would be a good line to work with. I have managed to find a safe that I should be able to retail at around £195 while still retaining a good margin.


Touch screen epos till systems – Again from working with bankrupt companies I know these can be big money for what they are. They are commonly used in restaurants and bars and combined with a cash drawer and receipt printer they can run over £1500. Cheaper alternatives are out there but I know that the spec and software is important. I have found a company happy to build to my spec at a price that should allow me to retail a complete unit for around £500.


That’s all for now, as you can see I’m looking to work with mid budget items as I want to get some steady continuous sales going. I do however have some high end niche items up my sleeve too so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Product Hunting

  1. Hi,
    Saw your post on UKBF…
    I would potentially be interested in working with you on the importing of bikes…

    Drop me an email so we can chat


    • Hi lee, thanks for the comment.

      I actually used to race downhill bikes and owned a bike distribution company back in the uk so I know the bike market pretty well.

      Fixies here are not used by the locals and the factory owners are not quite sure why we like them so much in the west but there is a massive variety of them available and a few of the big brands in the uk have there bikes made in this factory I have found, I can’t give the names but I have seen there 2013 models in the show room.

      Please get in touch if these are of interest to you, I’d be happy to supply you.


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