One last job before I leave.

Now and again you get something me and my friends call “a touch”. I suppose it could be described as when you come across a really good circumstance that leads to a financial gain. Well on Wednesday I had a bit of a touch.

I have had a few of these since i have been buying bankrupt stock and it’s a real buzz when you find yourself with high retail price products that a bailiff, auctioneer or private vendor has mistakenly undervalued. Sometimes of course they know the value but they just need the goods outa there, either way if your on your toes you can enjoy the benefits.

I bought a variety of stock from a bankrupt electrical components wholesaler. Some of which I recognised from previous jobs and some of which I knew nothing about. When it comes to the latter I suppose that’s not entirely true. With all this technology we have these days I guess valuing assets has never been so easy, my iPad is worth more than it’s weight in gold and 5 minutes on it makes me an expert on any product or piece of machinery – as long as you know where to look.

One product caught my eye and I quickly looked it up, cheapest price on the net was £660. These are large commercial electrical breakers usually found in factories and usually costing £800. You can see a pic of one of them below, not very exciting right? But then sometimes the best ways of making money are pretty boring – look at football. There are 20 units and if I blow them out at £500 each that’s 10k, a pretty nice return. Obviously I was more than pleased for them to be in the job lot I had just picked up.


Now you dont get these kind of deals every day but when you do I guess it makes you realise why you do all this running around.

What I have realised over the last couple of years of doing this is that the key is margin, if you can offer a product at the most competitive price yet still yield a good margin then your onto winner, in my experience this can come from buying stock as cheap as possible or having a really high value niche market item. At one time you could do both, I guess part of me going to china is to see if this is still possible.

I guess you would like to know how to do this? Well keep tuned, I’m happy to help you guys have your own little touch.

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    • I will from this day forward make a conscious effort to improve my grammar. Just this week I made a promise to myself to brush my teeth every night also.



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