Leaving UK in 8 days….

…The weather is freezing cold, so what better time to buy a sports car without a roof.

Well what am I supposed to  do? I went to price up a job yesterday where an established clearance stock warehouse was looking to move on 40 pallets of surplus stock. The owner was one of the nicest guys I have met in business and could see I was in the mood for a bargain. He took me over to his garage where he had a beautiful Robin Hood Lotus 7 Style kit car under wraps. The car has been hand built over the last 10 years and the attention to detail is spot on, a true credit to its builder. Sadly it  had never been out on the road until today. It was a great feeling taking this little toy out but in the back of my mind I was thinking how am I going to sell this on while in China?

Thankfully a very good friend of mine, Alan Murphy from Beaumonts Garage in Darlington offered to put it in his showroom and help it find a new owner. With a bit of luck it will bring a tidy profit and go towards my first container back from China. Until then I better manoeuver it off my icy drive and take it for its first proper run out. Where’s my helmet?

Any comments or questions? I'd love to hear them.