10 day countdown


As I sit here in my home office – that I only just decorated and moved a PC into a few days ago, I wonder if my last minute spontaneous “It’s new year I need to make a change” idea was a good one.

In ten days I’m moving from Darlington, North East England to Shenzhen in China to see if I can build a new business.

I guess we all have something we think we will do one day but never do, I suppose I don’t want the never do aspect to bug me anymore.

I have been importing and selling online since about 2003. I owned and ran a successful business importing from Taiwan, Germany and the USA until about 3 years ago when the market changed.

I have been toying with a few things since then but I have been putting off making any real life changing moves perhaps because I’m human and that’s what we tend to do.

So this is my grassroots documentation of a young man looking to make money in China, you can follow my steps over a cup of coffee while you too may sit there deliberating some changes.

Oh, I hope you like my new logo…… YMC4Life 🙂

5 thoughts on “10 day countdown

  1. those bikes look pretty cool any news on the led stuff its got to be a winner +600 x600 recessed mods in led any prices yet +led strip led floods look on srm floods on google to compare

  2. go for it dan you will do well u aint missing agreat deal here son apart from me lol
    keep me posted on whats up and down ps cable wont be worth iy they import it from us gadgets my son gadgets its the future

  3. God loves a tryer and you my son never stop trying. I admire your courage and determination. You have had some set backs, but you always pick yourself up and move on. We will miss you and worry about you. But, I have a gut feeling that you will make this work. Sometimes you do need to take one step back to go two steps forward. Wish you every success.
    I love you ever so much and am proud of you. Take good care of yourself.
    Number 1 Fan

  4. I miss you, I love you and I am already proud of you whatever the ouctome may be! Life is a journey and its all about experiences – follow your dreams!
    You will make this work, this I know for sure- it won’t be easy but the fun things never are. I shall look forward to reading regular updates as I sit here in my office in Dubai!
    Love Always…..your number 1 cousin Katie x

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